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Unbrako Socket Head Cap Screw

The Unbrako® fastener brand name is widely recognized throughout the world. Unbrako socket screws are used in machine tools, tools and dies, earth moving and mining machinery, and a wide range of industrial and engineering applications. Sold through technically qualified stocking distributors, Unbrako socket screws are high-strength fasteners certified by Unbrako to meet or exceed industry standards.

Unbrako is committed to making fasteners that out perform all others. We build our fasteners for life, to help you build your products for life.


HIGHER MIN ULT TENSILE -- 10,000 PSI stronger than industry standard
COMPOUND FILLET RADIUS -- Doubles fatigue life at critical head-shank juncture
WIDE RADIUS THREADS -- Maximizes fatigue resistance where it is needed most
3R (RADIUSED ROOT RUNOUT) THREAD -- Increases fatigue life up to 300%
E CODE "LOT CODE" MARKINGS -- The ultimate in fastener traceability

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